Gwenola Wagon

Vidéo split screen.


Blackpool-Manchester is the story of a traveler who derives mentally with online maps and informations, before to travel on real ground. On july 16th, 2007, I visit Blackpool. On july 26th, I roam in Manchester, but had no time to visit any city around. For the TRIP festival, I consider a journey from Blackpool to Manchester. As I live in Paris, I will first experience the journey from my bedroom, surfing on the web sites and using softwares like Google Earth or Second Life. I will gather all kinds of informations on the places between the two cities. My intention is to explore the sories I collect, and to make a first video on this virtual journey, as if I was there. After this journey into imagination, I will travel for real. I will check the reality of the sources in the actual places. Who is the Blackpool ghost who haunts Blackburn? Has Manchester become like the gray skied Madchester of Second Life? If my avatar flies upon Second Life’s Blackpool, what will it be in the real city? The itinerary is the structure of the narration, on which are plugged the different stories I gathered. How does the virtual journey influence the montage of the real journey? The video montage lets the different images interfere, interlacing two ways of wandering.


Festival TRIP (Territories Reimagined: International Perspectives), Manchester, 19-21 juin 2008.

Exposition Nogo Voyages. Ars Longa, 6 mai - 12 juin 2009. Paris

Conférence discussion. Master École européenne supérieure de l’image EESI. Poitiers. 7 janvier 2011.

Nouvelles géographies, Projection, Rencontre. Scam, Paris, 13 janvier 2011.

Screening. Exposition Mapping Manchester. The Whitworth Art Gallery, Oxford Road, Manchester on. Novembre 2011.