Stéphane Degoutin and Gwenola Wagon

Video installation


Amazon is marketing a video doorbell called "Ring", to be installed on the front door of one's house. Connected to an electronic lock, it allows to remotely open the door of one's home, to receive deliveries, for example. Ring is equipped with a camera, which films what is happening in front of it at any time. You can watch it on your smartphone, no matter where you are.

The film Ring proposes a montage of the most ambiguous videos captured by the doorbells.

Connected to the Internet, these countless cameras become detectors, snitches, witnesses to improbable points of view. The unauthorized capture of the neighborhood, the organized spying between neighbors and the accessibility of the videos to the municipal police are turning the great dream of the automated house into a paranoid nightmare. The slightest sign captured - the flight of a butterfly, a lost dog, the shadow of a walker... - becomes suspicious, haunting the occupants of the little white house.

Software, programmed to detect behaviors, or neural networks trained to recognize faces... (perhaps assisted by click workers paid to stalk your ex.) capture, annotate, data mine, transform the mass of data, filter through biometric detection assisted by deep learning, according to a list of suspicious gestures, throw their results to public police officers or intelligence agencies...

A private spying network is progressively being built up on a peer-to-peer basis. Voyeurism is entering its deep phase. 

Neighbors de Ring
Neighbors de Ring
Neighbors de Ring


Designed for the exhibition "Shelter" (Patrice Joly, curator), the installation consists of a white house surrounded by a green lawn. The door is locked with an electronic lock and monitored by an Amazon Ring connected doorbell which films the outside. The door opens, under the condition of a code disclosed at the entrance of the exhibition, and then closes immediately. Inside, you can sit on a sofa to watch on a TV screen a montage of videos captured by the connected doorbells installed on the doors of American homes.

Ring, installation sketch, 2020. The house is built in plasterboard (white). It is surrounded by a one meter wide strip of faux grass. The door is equipped with an Amazon Ring bell and an electronic code lock. The house measures 3 x 3 m on the ground (5 x 5 m with the lawn) and 3 m high.
Ring, installation sketch, 2020. Ring - inside (top view) On the inside, the metal profiles to which the plasterboard panels are attached are visible, as well as the reverse side of the panels (grey). A sofa faces the door. Visitors sit there to watch the video, which is shown on a flat-screen TV set on a TV cabinet. When entering, the visitor therefore sees the back of the TV, as if he were entering a living room, or rather as if he were in a living room decor. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


Shelter , Zoo Galerie, Nantes, november 24 to december 24 2020.

"Deep Stock" exhibition, galerie Art et Essai, Rennes, 2021


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