Potential City Les Halles

Stéphane Degoutin, Alex Knapp and Gwenola Wagon

App for a GPS equipped Nokia or Sony cellphone


Potential City is an architectural project which aims at increasing the potential of the Forum des Halles in Paris, to put it on scale with the Parisian metropolis.

Potential City explores solutions for an attractive architecture, to create desire, urban attractions, places for experimentation, fantastic in the everyday life.

You will choose which part of the project you hear by moving around the site. According to your location, the GPS device launches the sounds, voices and texts. Each soundtrack describes an aspect of the project, associated with a place in the garden : multiplication of attractive means of transportation, vertical development of space, Savage Mountain, Subterranean/Tower, Roller Coaster City, Silence Cabin, Sex Park, Terrorism Museum...

There is no plan, model or drawing representing Potential City. To acquaint oneself with the project, one has to go to the garden of the Forum des Halles and visit a geolocalized sound instalation. The project can not be heard anywhere else that in the place for which it has been conceived.

There is no equipment installed on the territory (no antennas, receivers...). Equipped only with telephones and headphones, the visitors go unnoticed, like a ghostly presence in the city.


Nogo Voyages exhibition, Ars Longa, Paris, may 6 - june 12, 2009


Program and Research : Nicolas Maisonneuve and Matthias Stevens

Voice : Nathalie Matter

Actress : Johanna Korthals Altes

Sound mix : Fanny Martin.