Haunted by algorithms

Jeff Guess et Gwenola Wagon

Recherche, exposition et publication


Haunted by Algorithms is the second part of the project Média médiums and begins with the radical de-centering of cybernetics, detailing the gradual emergence of a continuum where everything is in communication with everything. This unlimited conversation is rooted in the computer's quintessential function of reading and writing data, automating these once human activities, and by doing so, fostering an imaginary of machinic intelligence. But the cerebral promise of this general algorithmisation, as in a feedback loop, casts a new light on the cognitive potential of a large spectrum of formerly behaviorist non-human actors (animals, minerals, plants, fantoms, viruses, etc.) foreshadowing speculative assemblages and information exchanges on multiple planes and scales.

Olivier Perriquet, Imagine an Eye, Haunted by Algorithms
Nicolas Maigret et Maria Roszkowska, Predictive Art Bot, Haunted by Algorithms
Exhibition Haunted by Algorithms
Martin Howse, worms.txt, Haunted by Algorithms
rybn.org, Dataghost 2, Haunted by Algorithms
Antoine Chapon and Nicolas Gourauld, Faces in the Mist, 2017 Haunted by Algorithms
fleuryfontaine Spam Magnets, 2017 Haunted by Algorithms
Exhibition Haunted by Algorithms
Gauthier Tassart, Sélection de disques!, Haunted by Algorithms

This dialogic free-for-all is at the heart of the Haunted by Algorithms web platform, conceived of as a large, real-time 10000 x 8000 pixel² environment where one can scroll and slide from project to project within the same continuous space without leaving or refreshing the page. While reading the 25 commissioned texts and projects by artists, historians and philosophers that make up the space, one's reading is accompanied by automatic writings, a host of bots which analyse the text, make suggestions, provide references, modify the text, tweet, and so on.

Antoine Chapon and Nicolas Gourauld, Faces in the Mist, 2017


Clémentine Mercier, Ordis et mémoires fantômes, Une exposition collective montre que les algorithmes ont une vie propre et explore les liens entre la machine et le vivant, Libération, 12 février 2017


Haunted by Algorithms, site internet, Ecole Louis Lumière, Labex Arts-H2H, Paris. 2017

Haunted by Algorithms, média médiums, Espace d'exposition Ygrec, Les Grands Voisins, Bâtiment Lelong – Paris, 2017

Haunted by Algorithms, Colloque Archéologie des médias et écologie de l'attention, Cerisy, Cerisy-La-Salle. 2016



Conception:Jeff Guess and Gwenola Wagon

Programming: Jeff Guess

Graphic Design: Jérôme Saint Loubert-Bié

Automated publication: Loic Horellou

Iconography: Lou-Maria Le Brusq

A Constructed World : Seminar + Performance

Romain Best : Furniture

Jean-Louis Boissier : Exhibition

Angélique Buisson : Publication

Pierre Cassou-Noguès : Discussion + Publication

Astrid de la Chapelle : Exhibition

Antoine Chapon : Exhibition + Publication

Yves Citton : Publication

Stéphane Degoutin : Exhibition + Publication + Scenography

Vinciane Despret : Lecture + Discussion +

Frédéric Dumond : Publication

fleuryfontaine : Exhibition + Publication

Nicolas Gourault : Exposition + Publication

Fabien Giraud : Seminar

Nicolas Giret : Exhibition + Seminar

Emmanuel Guez : Publication

Martin Howse : Exhibition + Performance + Publication

Jean-Noël Lafargue : Publication

Lou-Maria Le Brusq : Exhibition + Iconography + Publication

Marie Lechner : Publication + Seminar

Dominique Lestel : Seminar

Nicolas Maigret : Exhibition + Performance + Publication

Antony Masure : Publication

Arnaud Mirman : Exhibition

Clara Pacotte : Exhibition

Olivier Perriquet : Exhibition

Julien Prévieux : Discussion

Sébastien Rémy : Exhibition

rybn.org : Exhibition + Performance + Publication

Emanuele Quinz : Publication

Maria Roszkowska : Exhibition + Performance + Publication

Jeffrey Sconce : Publication

Clémence Seurat : Discussion

Gauthier Tassart : Exhibition + Concert

Noah Teichner : Publication

Suzanne Treister : Publication

Gwenola Wagon : Curator + Exhibition + Publication

Anne Zeitz : Publication