The Individual as Terminal

Stéphane Degoutin and Gwenola Wagon

Manual, table and chairs


The Individual as Terminal works in an Amazon warehouse, drives people for Uber, delivers meals or products for Foodora, does small services with Lulu on my street, undresses on the LiveJasmin platform, like his selfie on Instagram, falls in love on Tinder, lives with Airbnb, shares the burning forest on YouTube, Etc.

The Individual as Terminal consists of twelve chapters:

Periphery is center

Monopoly is dissemination

Slavery is entrepreneurship

Compulsive buying is freedom

Waste is abundance

Failure is positive thinking

The accident is fluidity

Surveillance is emancipation

Onanism is the social link

Fragmentation is strength

Submission is freedom

Protest is consent


Exhibition, Human Services, Association Lac&S La Vitrine 4, rue Raspail, Limoges