The Individual as Terminal

Stéphane Degoutin and Gwenola Wagon

Series of books and t-shirts


The Individual as Terminal is a series of twelve booklets whose titles are based on the famous slogans of George Orwell's novel 1984, transposed to the ideology of innovation, the connected economy and uberization.

Monopoly is cooperation

Slavery is entrepreneurship

Compulsive consumption is balance

Waste is abundance

Failure is positive thinking

Accident is fluidity

Periphery is the center

Surveillance is emancipation

Onanism is social bonding

Fragmentation is strength

Submission is freedom

To protest is to consent

Le gaspillage, c’est l’abondance. Hypertrash, 2020

The connected society makes it possible to offload laborious activities onto a horde of often precarious workers, coordinated by algorithms. All the time that used to be dead are now used, generating an interfaced society in which strip teases are subject to the same optimization effort as food deliveries or industrial manufacturing.

In this environment, the individual equipped with a smartphone is located at the end of the networks, like a computer terminal. Having access to all content, all products and all people, everyone is at the center of the cloud. The terminal becomes the model for all activities, whether consumer, professional or relational.

He becomes a « slasher » : he can change activity and personality in a few clicks, going from picker in an Amazon warehouse to Uber driver, delivery man for Foodora, editor with Lulu in my street, car worker on LiveJasmin... while liking his selfie on Instagram, falling in love on Tinder, living in Airbnb, sharing the burning forest on YouTube, etc.

Having access to everything, the individual-terminal also becomes accessible, monitored, optimized, permuted...


Exhibition, Human Services, Association Lac&S La Vitrine, Limoges, 2020