Work Theme Park La Défense

Stéphane Degoutin and Gwenola Wagon

Urban project


Regarding the endless growth of exclusion and unemployment, la Défense will soon be the last area in Paris where will remain workers. The project envisions its rehabilitation into a theme park aimed at the ludic education of the rejected. One will come here to look at the last employees, locked in their offices, as today one watches the last craftsmen on tv.

  • Work Theme Park La Défense in Florent Tillon's film Messa Guerrillera, 2017

In the industrial age, work left little free time. Theme parks then democratized the spectacle of the leisure. They constituted specific places for the condensation of pleasure, allowing workers to abandon themselves to industrial machines, similar to those with whom they worked during the week, but modified in order to escape rationality, machines that had gone wild.

In the post industrial age, leisure is overabundant, but now it's work which has become scarce. La Défense Theme Park offers a spectacle out of work. It allows the excluded to immerge themselves in a condensed reconstitution of the working world, in which they are offered, temporarily, a place.

Tourists, artists, unemployed, people with insecure jobs, self employed, dandys, idlers, retired, families, children, schols… come here to contemplate the employees of the business district, as one of the last active volcanoes.

La Défense is to be explored as a pleasure garden of the 20th century, specialised in the business and finance worlds. A theme park for the concentration of the workers, like the ancient human zoos.


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