Dark Systems Tours

Stéphane Degoutin, Gwenola Wagon

Tours, performances, books


Dark Systems Tours is a laboratory workshop proposing investigations into invisible technical systems. The aim is to explore the hidden workings, infrastructures and networks of globalised power that have become increasingly obscure. Visiting Invisibilization.

Dark Systems Tours like a travel agency. Each tour takes the form of a conference-visit in situ and adopts a specific mode of transport (on foot, by bus, by public transport, by electric vehicle...). The tours can be led by artists, sociologists, writers, curators, journalists, philosophers, (h)activists...

Happy coaching in a ruined world

Dark Systems Tours proposes to explore the latest methods of "happiness" coaching and the problems of positive psychology in the context of the current environmental crisis. It seems necessary to question whether these methods of learning happiness are invisible, as an ideology of amnesia that blinds us to the current environmental destruction?

Between the seminar and the performance, we propose practical exercises in order to experiment together with the latest methods of research on happiness in terms of coaching and artificial intelligence. The conference will be illustrated with clips from films on the history of positive psychology, the ideologies of the New Age movements and their influence in the field of marketing / greenwashing (with reference to our projects Nogo Voyages, LOPH laboratory, World Brain, Institute of Neoteny, The Cult of Stock, The Amnesia of Images and The Story of the Swimming Noodle Pool).


Dark Systems Tour, lecture-performance, as part of TigrOU, Poetry as intellectual technology: a collective writing, 6 April 2023 https://www.tigrou.art/