Sex Park

Stéphane Degoutin and Gwenola Wagon

Photographic print and text


The Park of Transhumanist Sex makes place for the post human utopias : extended sexual possibilities, new organs, transplants, fantasies impossible to realize with traditional bodies. The adepts come to take pleasure with their ideal bodies. The Transhumanist Sex Park offers to each of its visitors the possibility of extraordinary and easy sexual experiences.

Giant foam party in Pontault-Combault
Muddy Estates

The transhumanist utopia promises to augment the body thanks to grafts, prostheses and various technological additions. The human being, hybridized by digital technologies, is gradually approaching an ideal. It becomes its own avatar.

A large illuminated sign flashes day and night. One gains access to the Park via a spiral staircase located inside a biomorphic turret. A large red glass dome, with an irregular structure, covers an artificial ground with an undulating floor. The interior is bathed in very intense natural light and permanent warmth, making it pleasant to walk around naked or lightly dressed.

Visitors leave their personal belongings at the entrance. They sign a discharge, take a shower, swallow various capsules. They are offered light clothing and masks if they wish to remain anonymous. It is possible to have one's body painted as an animal. Many visitors enjoy strolling in the park, which has been created with great care, as a microcosm garden with artificial rocks in the Chinese style, streams, miniature hills...

SEX PARK Performance with Judith Lavagna

Good evening,

First of all, I would like to congratulate you on the results of your tests – all positive – that give you access to the Potential Island. Your group, the first of its kind, is pioneering a long series of experiments to come.

The island takes the form of a research unit with multiple accesses and, in the open air, a botanical garden, which will very soon give you access to the nearest Sex Park.

You are here in a garden of experimentation of all the attractions, a temporary and evolutionary garden, generator of all desires.

This natural and progressive environment, close to the Garden of Eden and all passions, has an entrance on your left, giving access to the research carried out by Stéphane Degoutin and Gwenola Wagon for many years. This duo, specializing in utopian architectures and augmented realities, in collaboration with the best experts in cognitive sciences, proposes to take you on a short journey this evening to the urban and attractive potentialities offered today by the sciences and techniques once considered the most extravagant.

In front of you, the Sex Park.

I discovered this place when it was still under construction. The sign was off, and at the top of the clearest hill in the region, that this former waste factory was standing. I still remember the fence to be crossed to get a little closer, between the interchanges and the car parks as far as the eye can see... Instead of this building with its prefabricated industrial appearance, there is now an immense organic and transformable architecture, with countless openings, generating unequalled sensations.

You are invited to leave your personal belongings at the entrance. You sign a discharge, take a shower, and swallow various capsules to explore the park in optimal condition.

The place generates all kinds of pleasures, starting with walking and exploring labyrinthine places, jungles with varied atmospheres, in which the body always feels at ease.

I didn't immediately understand what it was all about. Slowly I let myself be seduced by the soft and mellow atmospheres, quite predictable in the first rooms, and which gradually increase in strangeness and intensity.

Level 1

Sex Park is a place of condensation where all the elements of the architecture act on both body and mind. You are in a growing and exponential architecture, whose purpose cannot be defined, nor even perceive a general view, so much it is made up of multidimensional and moving airlocks. The rooms change according to the speed of your movement. The openings rotate. Each one evokes a spherical and soft shape, and has its own autonomy of heat, evolving according to the bodily transformations of each one of us. The vegetal environment couples itself to our body and its new grafts to leave room only for pure pleasure and the most absolute body fantasies. You penetrate enveloping membranes, between suction and propulsion walls, biomorphic building ramifications, active and vibrating outgrowths, steam spaces favouring the dilation of pores.

Level 2

You walk through a maze of plants and botanical greenhouses and climb giant trees. You swim in the middle of animals and tropical vegetation, in a rediscovered state of nature: a kind of super Eden bathed in a primal innocence.

There is a general atmosphere of the tropics, muddy perfumed water, jungle without mosquitoes, nature cleansed of all that could disturb it. You can see (on your left) some examples of serialized plant species, which are the constituents of all bionic architectures and their desires tenfold.

You are here, in the place of all pleasures and attractions, of which the Sex Park is the showcase of the transhumanistic evolutions of our augmented bodies, coupled with an exfoliating and degenerated nature.

Level 3

Here are some aspects and results of the research conducted by our team:

Augmentation: perfume, do-it-yourself, temporary prosthesis, elongation...

Fluorescent clitoris for men to find them in the dark

A 100-year-old man whose sexual vigour remains intact...

Women with four breasts

Tree penises

Fully functional hermaphrodites in both sexes

Bicoloured individuals

Erogenic zones amplified or diminished where it becomes too strong.

Sensation modulators

Bodies with hyper pilosity

Reptilian or viscous skin textures Rooms where people drool and crawl.

A male homosexual with an anus in the front of his body for practical-romantic reasons.

Assistants whose aim is to make any being attractive, whatever his or her living conditions.

Now you are invited to register to participate in the workshops proposed by our team. You can put on light clothing, and masks for those who wish to remain anonymous. It is also possible to have your body painted as an animal to walk around in.

  • Judith Lavagna, Stéphane Degoutin and Gwenola Wagon (excerpts)
Judith Lavagna reading the text "Sex Park", Synesthésie, june 17, 2010


Attractions périphériques. Hospitalités 2009. Samedi 17 octobre 2009

CPIF (Centre photographique d'Île-de-France, Pontault-Combault). 30 mars 2010.

Utopia Factory, aux Passerelles-Centre culturel de Pontault-Combault. Exposition du 26 juin au 16 septembre 2010.

Exposition, Île potentielle / Sex Park, Synesthésie, Saint-Denis, du 18 juin au 17 juillet 2010. Performance de Judith Lavagna lors du vernissage, 17 juin 2010.


Tirage photographique couleur contrecollé sur dibond, 230 x 100 cm. Avec l'aide du Cpif et de Synesthésie.