Planet B

Gwenola Wagon

Illustrated book, 320 pages


B commands a digital company called "∀". ∀ is in the process of acquiring a monopoly on sales on a global scale. It is, in a sense, a total corporation. In parallel to its sales activity, B aspires to build colonies and hangars in space, reactivating the fantasies of Nasa in the 1970s.

Planet B is an artist's essay that cross-references and invents metaphors in order to apprehend a growing monster. It tells about the "planet", this hypermarket-world generated by the low resolution and the speed of propagation of information applied to everything.

In reality, there is no question of B as an individual, nor of a society whose first letter has simply been reversed. B is no one in particular. ∀ is a symptom. In the manner of an outlet, this book probes with seriousness and humor a logic that, by its delirious scale, escapes us.

This book is the result of an investigation based on research carried out over several years. All sources and references are indicated in footnotes. It also includes fictional passages that fully participate in the creation of the work in the chapters: "Parasitic Dream," "Reality Distortion Field," "BoraBora," "The Tidy Society," "Dream House," "Inverted Smile," "∀dernierclic," "The Fourierist Button," "In the Matrix," "Araneism," "Control Freak Society," "BubbleDream," "Space Lemur," and "Falling."

Cover of the book Planet B, editions 369, 2022.


This book is published in the collection essays, 369 edition co-edited by Jérôme Delormas and Clémence Seurat. To be published on September 9, 2022.


Concept, text, drawings : Gwenola Wagon

Editing : Clémence Seurat

Correction : Nathalie David

Graphic design : Nuno da Luz

Typefaces : Standard, Bryce Wilner (2019), licensed under SIL Open Font License 1.1 Bookerly and Ember Condensed, Dalton Maag (2020), licensed under ∀

Papers : Holmen Book 70g/m2, Invercote G 270g/m2

Printing : Tallinna Raamatutrükikoja OÜ

Distribution : Hobo Diffusion

Thanks to Pierre Cassou-Noguès, Yves Citton, Nuno da Luz, Stéphane Degoutin, Jérôme Delormas, Sarah Garcin, Marie Lechner and Clémence Seurat. The Wikimedia community and the authors who share their work.

This work was supported by the EUR ArTeC and by the ANR under the program "Investissement d'avenir" (ANR-17- EURE-0008). With the participation of the Theory Experimentation Arts Media and Design Laboratory TEAMeD / AIAC - EA 4010 of the University of Paris 8.

Legal deposit: August 2022 ISBN: 978-2-490148-10-3

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