Cat Loves Pig, Dog, Horse, Cow, Rat, Bird, Monkey, Gorilla, Rabbit, Duck, Moose, Deer, Fox, Sheep, Lamb, Baby, Roomba, Nao, Aibo

Stéphane Degoutin and Gwenola Wagon

Videos for mobile projection on vacuum cleaner robot


Cat Loves Pig shows videos of animals riding on the backs of members of other species (mouse on turtle, monkey on goat, cat on vacuum cleaner...). The projection device itself is the result of a relationship between two technologies : the automatic vacuum cleaner and the video projector. It is projected in motion from the back of the robot that cleans the exhibition space.

The film consists of a collection of videos illustrating the fantasies of inter-species encounters, potential conversations, communication with non-organic entities, relationships to which a conversational logic is lent, animals carried by other animals, walking around on vacuum cleaners, filmed by automatic devices, filming robots or filming each other with a camera worn during improbable encounters.

The film is projected on the walls as the camera moves randomly through the exhibition space, with the projection moving from wall to wall. While the battery is being recharged, the film is projected on the wall opposite to the vacuum cleaner.

We would like the cat to address the plant that would communicate with the robot.

House of Dust exhibition, Alison Knowles Inhabited by People from many Walks of Life, Montréal, 2017
Cat Loves Pig v2, CAC La Traverse, Alfortville, 2018
Cat Loves Pig v1, Haunted by Algorithms exhibition, galerie Ygrec, Paris, 2017
Cat Loves Pig v1, exposition House of Dust by Alison Knowles Inhabited by People from many Walks of Life, Montréal, 2017


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Photo : Marina Gadonneix, Haunted by Algorithms exhibition, Ygrec, Les Grands voisins, 2017