Stéphane Degoutin and Gwenola Wagon

Video installation and film


We deconstruct the visual regime of the image stocks and the use of greenwashing, through 18 chapters of a film to visit in space.

The viewer is invited to sit on a turfed floor, in the middle of a garden of screens, in a green light, and to let himself be be hypnotized by fingers clicking to order fast deliveries, by smiles of delivery men and call center operators, by seas of cardboard boxes, by mountains of garbage, by teams of volunteers cleaning up the beaches, by "Save the Planet" signs and by smooth clouds.

Stéphane Degoutin et Gwenola Wagon, "Le blanchiment des images" (Imagewashing), article published in the French magazine AOC, april 6, 2022

Stock images have become ubiquitous. They cover our visual universe. They impose themselves on everyone and everywhere.

A process of transmutation turns everything into a stock image.

Stock images put into play ideas that already exist in our brain.

Archetypal people engage in identifiable actions. The situations are generic. The subjects stand out clearly from the background. The style is smooth. Everything is simplified and exaggerated.


"Le blanchiment des images" (Imagewashing), lecture-performance, festival ADD, Zoo galerie, Nantes, june 2, 2022

Le culte du nuage exhibition, Les Limbes, Saint-Étienne, 7-30 april 2022

Article Le blanchiment des images (Imagewashing), AOC, 6 april 2022


Production : Les Limbes, Akim Pasquet

Voice over : Inès Besson