Stéphane Degoutin and Gwenola Wagon

Multi-screen video installation


Low cost airlines such as Ryan Air are known to have had to tape many passengers out of control during arguments, drunkenness, panic or recalcitrant to barrier gestures. These crises have proliferated since the covid-19 pandemic.

The Crises video is composed of a montage of seizure scenes in airports and airplanes. These videos have often gone viral and are listed as "Airport Rage" or "Airport Meltdown" in search engines. The installation evokes the crisis of the airport system and air travel as much as that of travel itself since 2020.

On the right : extract from the video presented at the exhibition Faut-il voyager pour être heureux?, espace EDF, 2022-2023.

Below : Stéphane Degoutin et Gwenola Wagon, Crises on the façade of the EP7 building, Paris, 2018


Faut-il voyager pour être heureux? exhibition, espace EDF, 2022-2023

Façade of the EP7 building, Paris, 2018